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We love living in Amarillo, Texas; but let’s face it – our Amarillo nightlife scene has been struggling. To make matters worse, so many restaurants and bars in Amarillo have had to shutter their doors – either temporarily or permanently – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has given our community even less options for a lively bar scene. If you are trying to figure out where best late-night spot is for your next girls’ night out in Amarillo or late-night rendezvous point, don’t sweat it – there is still hope my friends! We are creating new ways for our beautiful city to come alive after dark!

At The Drunken Oyster, we set out to redefine Amarillo nightlife! First, we expanded our hours of operation to accommodate more late-night dining in Amarillo. We are open during the week until midnight and we go until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays! You can also usually catch some truly amazing live music at our Velvet Curtain Theatre. It’s located inside The Drunken Oyster and it is fast becoming one of the coolest Amarillo live music venues around. Lastly, we put Amarillo happy hour where it belongs – during late night! Taking a cue from the live music bars in other major cities, we wanted our late-night happy hour in Amarillo to have a cool vibe with great energy where anyone could come in and feel like they were part of the crowd. Monday through Friday from 10PM to midnight is where you find The Drunken Oyster’s Reverse Happy Hour – and it’s spectacular. If you read our reviews, you will find that more and more people consider us to have the best happy hour in Amarillo.

Serving a late-night full menu is just one more way that we are making Amarillo nightlife awesome. We know there are plenty of restaurants in Amarillo to choose from, but if you are looking for great energy, next-level food, amazing cocktails, and unsurpassed service – you need to give us try!

(Oh, and did I mention that we have the Amarillo’s only legit absinthe bar? Don’t get me started…)

PS – Looking for some Monday thru Friday fun?

Check out The Drunken Oyster’s Reverse Happy Hour!
Every Monday thru Friday – 10PM to 12PM
Awesome drink & food specials
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