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Pulling off the best happy hour in Amarillo is not easy; so when you are on a mission to be one of the best restaurants in Amarillo, you need to re-think everything. High quality food prepared to elevated standards, detailed customer service, and a bar scene that needs to live up to a demanding Amarillo community are all a must. So it stands to reason that you also need to rethink happy hour in Amarillo. The way that we see it is that happy hour is better when the sun goes down. That’s why our happy hour is held every Monday through Friday from 10PM to Midnight! We call it the Reverse Happy Hour!

And just because it’s a late-night happy hour, don’t think that you will be missing out on anything. We keep our kitchen open until midnight, so you can take advantage of our awesome drink specials and still grab some of the best food in Amarillo! From oysters and cocktails to special bites and drink specials – and let’s not forget – the best Cajun food in Amarillo – our happy hour offers enticing menus at a time that just works better. But we don’t just stop there… How about some awesome weekend live music Amarillo?! Fun fact: The Drunken Oyster’s Velvet Curtain Theatre is fast becoming one of the best Amarillo live music venues.

Let’s face it happy hours at 3PM are lame. Virtual happy hours suck. So instead of rushing out of work to make it to some boring, typical, the-sun’s-still-up happy hour, come hang out with us when things get really interesting! What you need is The Drunken Oyster’s Reverse Happy Hour.

When it comes to restaurants in Amarillo Texas, we know you have a lot to choose from. We’re super proud of our amazing team for redefining Amarillo nightlife. Come on in and see what everyone is buzzing about! We’ll save you seat.

Happy Hour Amarillo Details:

The Drunken Oyster’s Reverse Happy Hour
Every Monday thru Friday – 10PM to 12PM
Awesome drink & food specials
Check our Amarillo Live Music Schedule on The Drunken Oyster’s Facebook Page

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