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An Encore of Live Music Amarillo at The Drunken Oyster

Dive headfirst into the vibrant, toe-tapping live music scene of Amarillo at the Drunken Oyster! Located in the heart of Texas, the Drunken Oyster stands as an emblem of Amarillo’s lively nightlife and melodic heartbeat, hosting a stunning variety of musical performances that are guaranteed to make your evenings memorable.

The Drunken Oyster is renowned for its live music in Amarillo, where local talents, visitors, and music enthusiasts come together in a symphony of unity and energy. Whether it’s soulful blues, electrifying rock, or heartfelt country tunes, the stage at the Drunken Oyster is a canvas of diverse musical expressions, making us one of the best bars in Amarillo!

We LOVE live music, and we try to offer it as often as we can. The Drunken Oyster is officially a cornerstone of live entertainment in Amarillo, with – hands down – the best happy hour in Amarillo and our weekly Amarillo live music schedule. We even have a dedicated “Amarillo live music venue” right inside our restaurant – it’s called the Velvet Curtain Theatre and it is home to awesome musical acts that cover Jazz, Blues, and all kinds of Rock… and every now and again even a late-night Burlesque show. 

Some of our recurring musicians include:

Moon Jelly Music
Alma Duo
The City Limits
Velvet Funk Band
Smokey Janes
Big G & The Trade Winds
Austin Brazille Trio
Bring Me the Gypsy
Jake Vernon
Blue Boy Willie

Moreover, the Drunken Oyster enriches Amarillo’s dining scene alongside some of the best restaurants in Amarillo, harmonizing great food with live music. As a top steakhouse in Amarillo, for example, we offer up some of the finest steak in town accompanied by live band performances – a perfect symphony for your senses! Steak too much? Don’t sweat it, we’re also known for some of the best burgers Amarillo has to offer!

Our large dining room has high ceilings and is considered a great place to grab some of the best Amarillo food and listen to live music – and it has become more popular than ever.

“One of the truly inspiring things about living in Amarillo is seeing our creativity,” says Chef/Owner Rory Schepisi. “Live music in Amarillo took a big hit during the pandemic, but the artistic talent in this city is so resilient. Musicians took to the streets, played under tents, played in the rain… did whatever they could to make this time less horrible, and it’s been a beautiful reminder of the talent and artistry that is right in our backyard. We are so pleased and honored to be a part of the Amarillo music scene.”

Our establishment isn’t just known for dining. We are proud to be a staple in the Amarillo nightlife. The bars at the Drunken Oyster often host up-and-coming bands and solo artists, serving as a launchpad for fresh talents in the Texas music scene.

In a city that takes its brunches seriously, the Drunken Oyster stands out with its unique brunch in Amarillo. Here, your morning dining is elevated by the soothing performances of local artists. Meanwhile, our Cajun food adds a zesty twist to your musical experience, marrying Southern flavors with the local beats. 

Make sure to visit us during our happy hour in Amarillo as well. The Drunken Oyster’s happy hour is when the ambiance gets extra electrifying, with special drinks and live music performances creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Live music in Amarillo is usually offered every Friday and Saturday Nights and during Saturday and Sunday Brunch. The Drunken Oyster is also planning live entertainment on Thursday nights. Contact the restaurant for more details and to make reservations.

The Drunken Oyster isn’t just a venue—it’s a cornerstone of Amarillo’s live music scene. So, the next time you’re in town, remember to stop by, soak in the sounds, and experience the unique rhythm that makes the Drunken Oyster the beating heart of Amarillo’s live music.

UPDATED: 07/01/2023

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