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Based on everything that we know, the word “brunch,” the lighthearted blend of the words “breakfast” and “lunch,” first appeared in print in an 1895 Hunter’s Weekly article by British author Guy Beringer. Mr. Beringer suggested Brunch as an alternative to the heavy, post-church Sunday meals typical in England during his time, in favor of a lighter menu served later in the morning.

Hey, we are just happy that he didn’t call it “Blunch” … because, let’s face it, that just sounds disgusting. (No one wants Blunch. Yuk.)

As in most major cities throughout the United States, brunch in Amarillo is kind of a big deal. Now, we’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t invent Amarillo brunch at The Drunken Oyster, but we have certainly perfected the concept. In fact, I want to warn you right now, The Drunken Oyster’s Brunch is probably going to ruin all of your other Amarillo Brunch experiences. Think of it as a lover affair that you just can’t quit.

From the best stick-to-your-ribs breakfast plates and coffee to long leisurely stops for orange juice, bubbly and Benedicts, The Drunken Oyster’s Brunch menu is seriously legendary. Think we’re kidding? Let me just plant this into your brain – Louisiana Bread Pudding French Toast with Butter and Warm Bourbon Sauce.

(Yup. It’s like that.)

See, today you can get Eggs Benedict with gritty Hollandaise Sauce from a powdered mix just about anywhere on the planet… but you can only get The Drunken Oyster’s Lobster Benedict in one place (and yes, we make our Cajun Hollandaise Sauce from scratch).

Do you love Brunch because it’s an easy excuse for early afternoon Champagne drinking on a Sunday? No problem there either. We are, after all, the home of the $1 Mimosa Refill.

Like your life a little spicey? You need to try a Diablo Bloody Mary. Need a little kick after an ugly Saturday Night that went a little sideways on you? Come in for a Morning Mule – it’ll straighten you right out.

We believe that Brunch shouldn’t be stuffy. It should be fun, lively, and social. Of course the food and drinks need to be awesome – but you also need to have a little entertainment, no? How about some live music Amarillo?! No problem! We are home to some of the coolest bands and musical acts in Amarillo and we usually have live music during every Brunch service.

Like the fresh air? Enjoy the best outdoor dining in Amarillo and do Brunch al fresco! A spot with friends at The Drunken Oyster’s Brunch is about as good as it gets for a super fun restaurant experience in Amarillo during daylight hours; but if you are the kind of person that is allergic to sunlight, we can help you too. If you haven’t heard yet – The Drunken Oyster is home of the best Happy Hour in Amarillo. It’s not a boring 4PM to 6PM happy hour… it’s a full-blown, late-night Happy Hour from 10PM to Midnight every Monday through Friday. (We know you’re thinking “Who would be crazy enough to offer awesome drink specials from 10PM to 12AM?” If the answer wasn’t obvious: It’s us. We’re the ones that are that crazy. It’s just one more way that we’re cementing our reputation as the King’s of Amarillo Nightlife!)

One last important note: Every year, good families all across Texas go head-to-head, trying to beat each other out in securing Brunch reservations at their favorite dining spots to celebrate Mother’s Day. Scoring reservations for the best Mother’s Day Brunch in Amarillo can be grueling; if you are going to throw your hat in the ring for that fight, we highly recommend making your reservations as soon as you possibly can. Good luck and God Speed.

Let’s Brunch Amarillo!

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