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On March 2, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-34 to provide that, in all counties not in an area with high hospitalizations, there are no COVID-19-related operating limits for any business or other establishment including restaurants in Amarillo. Now, it might not feel like we have made any meaningful progress during this pandemic, but at The Drunken Oyster, we feel like we’ve made some big advances in Amarillo outdoor dining. Our outdoor dining patio may have been a COVID-19 necessity, but now it’s here to stay – and it’s magnificent.

Our outdoor dining season starts at the end of March and runs all the way to November depending on the temperature. The DO’s intimate, 50-seat heated patio feels like your own private oasis with its brightly colored tables and inviting banquettes, situated under vibrant shade sails, complete with strung fiesta lighting. The entire patio is nestled inside high rustic wooden walls. At dusk, they are reminiscent of the deep red, brown, and tan layers of Amarillo’s treasured Palo Duro Canyon – they also let in the light but block out the breeze. Add a beautiful Champagne bucket to your al fresco brunch, and you would have a hard time remembering that you were still in Amarillo.

Looking for the best outdoor brunch in Amarillo? You found it. The Drunken Oyster’s Brunch is legendary, and on the outdoor patio – it’s heavenly. How about some live music Amarillo? We have you covered there too! You can catch many of Amarillo’s top musical acts that play during brunch! TOP TIP: Make sure you call ahead to reserve your spot for brunch; we book up quickly.

And we don’t stop at brunch. When the sun goes down, we light up the scene just enough to make it interesting and we turn up the heaters if you are cold. If you’re going to offer the best outdoor dining in Amarillo, it better be comfortable, no? Nighttime on the patio is perfect for a romantic dinner date, a fun get-together with old friends, or super chill girls’ night out. And with the best happy hour in Amarillo available from 10PM to midnight from Monday to Friday and a late-night menu available until midnight, you can trust that we are sincerely dedicated to Amarillo nightlife. (And PS – have you ever sipped absinthe under the stars? The Drunken Oyster is one of the only bars in Amarillo where you can.)

So yeah, COVID sucks… but like the saying goes – when life hands you lemons, use them to garnish the Margaritas that complete the best outdoor dining in Amarillo!

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