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The Drunken Oyster is the best bar in Amarillo for creative cocktails, excellent food, live music, and private events! Cradled in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, The Drunken Oyster welcomes all who seek friendly company, good conversation, and amazing drinks. Inspired by Louisiana French, Creole and Cajun traditions, we serve meticulously sourced foods with a “Nawlin’s” flair, well-crafted brews, and beautifully constructed drinks to please all. Just looking for an awesome bar with a great vibe? The Drunken Oyster continues to serve as a beacon for Amarillo nightlife.

Aside from being the best Cajun restaurant in Amarillo, The Drunken Oyster is also a slightly-retro, mostly-modern absinthe and cocktail bar that conjures the feelings of drinking at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Rounding out our food and drinks is our Velvet Curtain Theatre, nestled right in the middle of the restaurant and home to some of the coolest live music in Amarillo. The Velvet Curtain is quickly becoming known as one of the best live music venues in Amarillo.

The Absinthe Bar at The Drunken Oyster puts over 300 varieties of liquor in the hands of some of the best Mixologists in Amarillo, who use them to create mind-blowingly creative cocktails. The Drunken Oyster is also Amarillo’s first Absinthe bar offering true drip service giving you an absinthe experience not typically found in this part of the country. In keeping with our “old meets new” vibe, our bartenders serve up classic and modern cocktails with a healthy focus on aperitifs, digestifs and bitters. Take, for instance, the Sazerac; widely considered “America’s First Cocktail,” it was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana by Creole apothecary Antoine Peychaud in 1838. It’s a bold, complex, and sophisticated drink – meticulously crafted and special in every way. Even watching one being made at The Drunken Oyster is an experience not to be missed.

But just so we are clear – we’re not too hoity toity to meet the demands of the late-night thrill seeker looking for a great beer-and-shot joint. In fact, we are home to the best Happy Hour in Amarillo from 10PM to Midnight every Monday through Friday. And if you had a little more than you intended to, don’t sweat it. Our food is made in-house, it’s served late-night, and there is plenty of items on the menu that are perfect for soaking up that “one-too-many” you probably should have said “no” to. (As one of the best seafood restaurants in Amarillo, you can’t go wrong with our Fish & Chips! Looking for Cajun food in Amarillo – try the Shrimp Po Boy! It’ll straighten you right out!) Late night food is served until midnight Monday through Thursday and until 2am Friday and Saturday.

On any given night, you may find full tables of ladies enjoying a fun “Girls Night Out,” gentlemen in suits savoring a much-needed fine cocktail after a crappy day at the office, a corner table romantic candlelit rendezvous or two, and couple of modern cowboys at the bar enjoying a cold beer while trying to charm the ladies and listening to music. We strive every day to be the best restaurant in Amarillo, and The Absinthe Bar is a direct reflection of that goal. Our bar is celebration of our community, where the doors are open for the makers, the curious, and the adventurous. It’s place where we collaborate, thrive, and celebrate the things that make us unique while embracing our similarities. All are welcome at the Oyster.

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