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Father’s Day Brunch in Amarillo is kind of big deal. Sure, there are a lot of places that you choose from, but there is only one place where you can get your Dad a Colossal Man Platter! (We know that sounds disturbing – but bear with us.) BOTTOM LINE: If you love your Dad, you better have a Father’s Day Brunch reservation at the best restaurant in Amarillo!

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is observed nationally on the third Sunday of June every year. Father’s Day is usually marked by people sending Father’s Day gifts and cards to their fathers, Grand Fathers, and father figures.

Some of the popular Father’s Day gifts you can give to your Dad include sports tickets, power tools, cologne, and the obligatory crappy necktie. But if you live in or near Amarillo, your Dad only wants one thing – he wants the best brunch in Amarillo. And you can only get that at The Drunken Oyster!

The Drunken Oyster’s Father’s Day Brunch is truly awesome! Back to the Colossal Man Platter – you’re thinking “What the hell is that?” – Well, it’s an epic, Dad-bod-inducing, monster breakfast platter that includes Cajun BBQ Ribs, Andouille Sausage, NY Strip Steak, Peppered Bacon, Smoked Pork Shoulder, Hash Brown Potatoes, Eggs (prepared just the way Dad likes ‘em), and a Belgian Waffle! Add a Spicy Bloody Mary to the mix and you’ll buy yourself at least one more year of Dad’s undying love!

Are there other things on the menu that Dad might like? Of course! This is the best Father’s Day Brunch in Amarillo after all. Dad can choose anything he likes – from N’awlins Eggs Benedicts or Louisiana Bread Pudding French Toast to Chicken & Sausage Gumbo or Cajun Sausage Hash – there’s plenty here to capture any Dad’s full attention. Also, if Dad is a music lover, he will be incredibly pleased to know that we are one of the few brunches that offer live music in Amarillo!

The Drunken Oyster’s Father’s Day Brunch reservations are so sought after in Amarillo that there’s a pretty good chance that your Dad is already preparing himself for the meat sweats that are sure to accompany his date with his meaty Man Platter destiny. And don’t worry – we also have Crab Croquette Eggs Benedict, Bananas Foster Pancakes, a delicious Croque Madame, and plenty of One Dollar Mimosa Refills for Mom while she rolls her eyes at your Father trying to finish a punishing platter of meat. (We always take care of our Mommas.)

IMPORTANT: Father’s Day Brunch at The Drunken Oyster books up several weeks in advance. Please make sure you book your reservations early. If you can’t score a reservation to our Father’s Day Brunch on Sunday, we also offer a similar Brunch Menu on the Saturday before. And you can always join us for the best Father’s Day Dinner in Amarillo and some fantastic Amarillo nightlife at the best bar in Amarillo.

To make your reservations for Father’s Day Brunch, please call 806-418-6668.

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