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If you are going to run the best oyster bar in Amarillo, you need to be PASSIONATE about oysters! And here at The Drunken Oyster we are sincerely passionate about these little jewels from the sea. You might be thinking – why an oyster bar in Amarillo anyway? First off, oysters are incredibly nutritious and jammed packed with essential nutrients. Secondly – oysters are much more accessible than most people think – especially when they are offered by an establishment that knows how to properly procure them and prepare them. And lastly – let’s just face it – oysters are delicious! Whether you are looking for a great appetizer before smashing into the best burger in Amarillo or you are looking for the perfect warmup round to go with your Bloody Mary at the best brunch in Amarillo – oysters are your game changer!

Did you know that in the early 1900s, Americans consumed more oysters than they did beef? New Yorkers ate so many oysters from the 1800s to the 1900s, that they literally used the empty shells to pave the streets. In fact, Pearl Street in lower Manhattan was entirely built with oyster shells! Amarillo might not be paving the streets with them anytime soon, but if The Drunken Oyster has anything to say about it, we are eager to introduce any adventurous diner to the wonderful world of oysters!

Why Eat Oysters in Amarillo?

Of course, The Drunken Oyster is always here to assist you in your culinary adventures by offering the best Cajun food in Amarillo – and to that end – we suggest that you eat oysters, not only because of they are delectable, but also because of their amazing health benefits!

Oysters are jammed packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds, including Vitamin D, zinc, iron, copper, and manganese. They have high levels of Vitamin C, phosphorus, niacin, and riboflavin. (Ladies – These micronutrients, in combination with calcium, are thought to be key to slowing or even preventing bone loss in older women due to osteoporosis.) Oysters are an excellent source of protein, rich in antioxidants, healthy cholesterol, and omega-3 fatty acids. With all these impressive nutrients contained in such small portions, oysters are a considered a superfood that offer many health benefits and are capable of boosting your body’s overall functions. Many dieticians agree that dietary sources of the minerals contained in oysters are thought to be more bio-accessible, and therefore more effective, than taking supplements. So sure, an apple a day may keep the doctor away – but an oyster a day might just give you superpowers.

For The Amarillo Oyster Eating Beginners Out There

If you are a new oyster eater, just tell your server. We would be delighted to show you the ropes and start you out with our house specialty – our beautiful Blue Point Oysters! Originated near the town of Blue Point, Long Island, situated on Great South Bay, New York, our Blue Point Oyster have a clean, briny taste, with a light, sweet finish. They are perfect for any oyster lover, but they are a must for the oyster beginner!

FUN FACT: In the early 1800’s, Blue Point Oysters were famous for their flavor, and they instantly became the favorite oyster of Queen Victoria which further skyrocketed their appeal. In New York City, you could buy them on almost street corner, as they were as ubiquitous then as a NY Sabrett® Hot Dog cart is today. They became so popular that New York gave Blue Point Oysters a statutory definition so that “all other oysters” could never be mistaken for Blue Points. In 1903, the New York Legislature decreed that “No person shall sell or offer for sale, any oysters, or label or brand any packages containing oysters for shipment or sale under the name of blue point oysters, other than oysters which have been planted and cultivated at least three months in the waters of Great South Bay.”

For The Amarillo Oyster Eating Seasoned Pro

If you are an oyster eating professional in Amarillo, then The Drunken Oyster is your promised land! If you know anything about us, then you already know that we serve up the best seafood in Amarillo. How do we do that? We are the only restaurant in Amarillo (that we know of) that makes daily trips to the airport to pick up fresh fish and seafood that has been caught wild on both coasts within the past 24 hours. We buy our fish whole and we butcher them in-house, so we know exactly what we are getting and exactly what we are serving. (Many restaurants buy frozen, pre-packaged fillets – so they have no idea what kind of fish they really are.) The net result is that you would have a hard time finding fresher fish anywhere in Texas.

Since our goal is to be the best restaurant in Amarillo, we continually strive for unrivaled freshness in our ingredients, and our oysters are no different. And while we always have a steady stream of our house specialty Blue Point Oysters coming in – our great relationships with the top oystermen of the East and West coasts means that we also get oysters from the beautiful coves and bays of the Northern Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf whenever those supplies allow.

Oyster varieties like the delicious Mookie Blues out of the Damariscotta River in Maine make it onto our menu whenever they are available and in-season. These oysters are salty at the start and ease to a noticeably sweet cucumber finish. TOP TIP: It’s a good thing that you’re already in the best bar in Amarillo, Mookie Blues are exceptionally well-paired with a crisp pale ale or IPA, something dry and hoppy. And that’s not all – throughout the year you may find Aunt Dottys, Ichabod Selects, Island Creek Selects, and Spindrift Petites from the waters of Duxbury, Westport, and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Pink Moons from Prince Edward Island are amazing! Also keep your eyes open for Chefs Creek Oysters, Malaspinas, Big Rocks, and Wellfleets! Looking for something from the West Coast? Oysters from Kusshi, Baynes Sound, Fanny Bay, and Miyagis in British Colombia, or Drakes Bay and Hog Island in California are all fantastic. These West Coast beauties have a notably ruffled shell, medium salinity, springy meat, and a subtle mineral finish.

Wrapping It Up in a Half Shell

With a name like The Drunken Oyster, you would hope that we know what we are talking about when we say that we have the best oysters in Amarillo.

Are we passionate about oysters? Of course we are.

Are we obsessive? Maybe.

Are we fanatical about oysters? Hey! Don’t judge us!

Want to look like the most interest guy in the room during the best Happy Hour in Amarillo? Make eye contact and eat a dozen oysters.

Want to make some friends at the best bar in Amarillo? Buy two dozen oysters and share them with strangers! (TOP TIP: It’s a lot easier to do during our 2 for Tuesday Blue Point Special.)

Next time you come in for the best Cajun food in Amarillo, be brave and try some oysters. We’ll shuck ‘em, you suck ‘em. (After all, we’re here to help you keep it classy.)

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