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And the winner of the title for best fine dining in Amarillo goes to The Drunken Oyster! But you don’t need to take our word for it. The good citizens of Amarillo have voted, and we have the actual award to prove it!

It’s official! The Drunken Oyster has won the News Channel 10 Viewer’s Choice Award for being the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Amarillo, TX. We are known for our late-night happy hour specials, delicious oysters, and elevated Cajun cuisine. And PS – we offer the best brunch in Amarillo and have live music on most weekends!

Located in the Sleepy Hollow section of Amarillo, The Drunken Oyster has been a neighborhood staple since 2017 and has become a popular choice among locals looking for fantastic food, live music, and a good time. Whether you’re looking to have some drinks with friends at an awesome Amarillo bar or just enjoy some of the best food Amarillo has to offer, the Drunken Oyster is the place to be!

Being voted as the best fine dining restaurant by the great people of Amarillo doesn’t happen by accident. Our team WORKS extremely hard, every day, to make sure that we provide the best dining experience that our great city has to offer. At The Drunken Oyster, we are singularly focused on being the best restaurant in Amarillo. We love our neighborhood, and we know our patrons can spend their dollars anywhere they want. We want our customers to know that we care about every detail of their time with us – from the food, to the tableware, to the music, to the air conditioning – we care.

To Our Patrons – We say THANK YOU! We sincerely thank you for spending your time with us; we appreciate you for noticing our commitment to serving great food to our community and for electing us as the best fine dining restaurant in Amarillo!

TOP TIP: Don’t let our shiny new fine dining award scare you away – we also serve up some gloriously insane burgers in Amarillo!

Our Advice for Being the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Amarillo

There are many aspects to running a successful restaurant. From food to décor to a stellar staff, there is plenty of work involved. But what really sets a restaurant apart?

For a fine dining restaurant in Amarillo Texas, we think that being the best comes down to 3 things – food, service, and atmosphere.

Food. Your food needs to be on point. Having the freshest, top-quality ingredients is an absolute must. But that’s not enough. Your chefs must be creative, and their dishes must be exciting and inspiring. At The Drunken Oyster we use go above and beyond in the kitchen. We have the best seafood in Amarillo because it is flown in fresh EVERY DAY and was swimming less than 24-hours before you ate it – and our kitchen is produces some of the most amazing dishes that you can find in Amarillo. We’ll put our kitchen up against the best that NY or LA has to offer any day!

Atmosphere. Creating a wonderful atmosphere for your patrons comes down to the details. When we first built The Drunken Oyster, we took the time to make it feel inviting, open, and interesting. Our bar is one of the coolest places in the city. Our outdoor dining feels like a little oasis. And our Velvet Curtain Theatre offers some of the best live music in Amarillo!

Service. Hands down, the best way to set a restaurant apart is by having fantastic service. Your staff should be friendly and knowledgeable on the food and wine menu. It’s up to your waitstaff to provide an atmosphere that makes people want to come back and visit you again. For that to happen, you need to make your employees feel appreciated. Food servers should be treated like rock stars, and nobody wants to spend their time as a server without feeling appreciated and cared for. As your staff becomes more experienced, they will become more dedicated to the food that they serve, which will in turn help make them better service professionals.

At The Drunken Oyster, it is our staff that truly makes us the best in town. Without them, we’re just a cool place with awesome food; but with them – we’re the best night out in Amarillo. (PS – We love you guys.)

So when it comes to fine dining in Amarillo, let’s face it – you deserve the best. You deserve The Drunken Oyster.

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