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UPDATED 09/01/2023

If you have been searching for Amarillo restaurants open late, you came to the right place! The phrase “open late night” doesn’t get thrown around a lot in our city, but that really needs to change because The Drunken Oyster offers some of the best late night dining in Amarillo! 

Inspired by our very own Chef & Owner Rory Schepisi’s experiences growing up in New Jersey, which is considered by many to be the late-night dining capitol of the world, and her proximity to Manhattan, the “city that never sleeps,” The Drunken Oyster is OPEN LATE for great food and drinks Monday through Thursday until midnight and Friday and Saturday until 2AM – officially bringing Amarillo late night dining options!

Itching for that after-hours, late-night beer and burger? We’re your place! You can find some of the most outstanding burgers in Amarillo any time of night right here! 

Sure… there are other late-ish night establishments where you can get a cocktail, a two-dollar slice of pizza or an end-of-shift, left-out-all-day, scraping-the-bottom-of-the-chafing-pan taco, but why waste your time? Just to be kicked out at 10PM, so you can stand on the sidewalk with your limp slice of crappy pizza in your hand and no place left to go? That’s just sad. At The Drunken Oyster, every day is a culinary journey on Route 66, ensuring we remain at the pinnacle of restaurants in Amarillo.

Let’s face it, the late-night dining competition isn’t that fierce throughout Amarillo, but the allure of late night dining is universal. Whether it’s the charm of a dim-lit café, the whispers of a dawn taco stall, or the rustic vibe of a bar in Amarillo, there’s something magical about meals under the moon. And when the regular choices seem drab, The Drunken Oyster promises a feast, making us a top choice among Amarillo late night food havens. 

At The Drunken Oyster, we specialize in Amarillo’s best Cajun food and we are renowned as Amarillo’s freshest seafood. We work hard every day to be the best restaurant in Amarillo and a top foodie destination to anyone making their way down Route 66. We know you have a lot to choose from out there, and we set ourselves apart by pushing the envelope on great food, great service, and great entertainment.

Our reputation for offering the best happy hour in Amarillo is one of the reasons that people love late night dining with us! While everyone else is offering their happy hour while the sun is still shining – we cater to the people that like to dine and drink at NIGHT! We have awesome food and drink specials and every Monday through Friday from 10PM to Midnight! We call it the Reverse Happy Hour! 

For music aficionados, our Velvet Curtain Theatre is an ode to the Amarillo music scene. A hub for Amarillo’s musical talent, it’s here that we bring alive the live music rhythms of the night.

Most of us can agree, there is a sort of sacred magic in late night dining. Perhaps that’s why many of us are prone to hanging out at a late-night diner, or a forlorn taco truck, or some dive bar, long after the climax of our day has ended. Maybe it is the reason why we stare into the cold light of the fridge hoping that it will somehow miraculously manifest the perfect midnight snack. Don’t we all long for somewhere that feels comfortable and familiar… and delicious? Let The Drunken Oyster be your late-night dining oasis in a dry desert of mediocre options; we were built with your innermost late-night munchies in mind.

And listen, if you burn too much midnight oil on your weekend late-night romp, we can always help you pop back into shape with a killer mimosa, or a spicy Bloody Mary, or a plate of the most outrageous Eggs Benedict at the best brunch in Amarillo! Saturday and Sunday morning brunch at The Drunken Oyster is the best place to relax, recharge, and repeat! 

So, when the city sleeps but your spirits are awake, remember The Drunken Oyster. Whether you’re seeking an Amarillo steak house, a taste of the vibrant nightlife in Amarillo TX, or simply a haven of late night eats Amarillo cherishes, we’ve got you covered. Dive in, and bask in Amarillo’s nocturnal glow.

See you soon!

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